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RAKH Properties, LLC: A Friend You Can Lean On
Why is it so important to choose the right property management company? The short answer…the right company will save you time and money while the wrong company will only create headaches.

At RAKH we pride ourselves on our service to our clients and our expertise in the industry. When you are choosing a company for your property management, it is necessary to look at the company’s experience in the industry and the services they provide. We have over 25 years experience combined managing properties and can guarantee we will do all it takes to ease your stress of owning a rental property.

We know Austin and understand the changes taking place in our backyard.

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What Sets RAKH Properties, LLC Apart?

Property Marketing

A property management company which is experienced has the capabilities of keeping the property rented. Our goal is to ensure that your property is continually rented, providing you, the owner, a sustainable source of income.

Tenant Screening

We provide an effective system of screening possible tenants. This will ensure that the property is leased to quality tenants who can meet financial obligations and will care for your property. This is essential to easing your stress as the property owner.

Protect Your Investment

We will care for your property and protect your investment. Whether it is simple maintenance, damage repair, or even if it is time for a remodel, you can count on RAKH Properties, LLC. We know the value of an investment.

The Best Service Possible

When you call someone, especially about your investment, you expect to talk with them. With RAKH you can be confident that we will handle all situations professionally and timely. We guarantee we’ll earn your trust and ongoing business.

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